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while your are doing rebuilds to check reproducibility, maybe you could
also check that the packages build in a path that contains all chars
that are allowed in version numbers. IIRC I had seen failures to do so
twice quite recently, one was beignet, the other I forgot.

You usually run into such problems when doing backports or stable
updates since the version number suddenly gains '+' and/or '~'.
And then you need to work around this for backports/stable ....

As I understand you don't test reproducability with changing the build
directory (seems to be embedded in too many places), so this change
would need to be done for both rebuilds.

Putting something like this in an A hook script (after
reproduciblebuilds_user) seems to work fine with pbuilder:

        mkdir -p /tmp/build
        mv /tmp/buildd /tmp/build/pkg-1:2.3+4~5-6
        ln -s build/pkg-1:2.3+4~5-6 /tmp/buildd

it does not break pbuilder's assumption to build in /tmp/buildd, but all
attempts to get the absolute buildroot path will contain 1:2.3+4~5-6


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