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> Hi Alexandre,
> thanks for caring about reproducible builds and filing bugs against your own 
> packages! :-)

I got conviced (and a bit entertained) by the talk at FOSDEM ;-)

> Without further investigating #790844 looks very similar to #786694 and 
> #789495, the latter was easily fixed by adding texinfo to build-depends - 
> though this will not make the package build reproducibly as you can also see 
> in 

Duh ?

I think that Mattia's guess was closer:

>> Quite some FTBFS on our infrastructure are do to us using
>> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=23 (e.g. very high) and some packages not coping
>> fine with it.

I finally found ou the likely cause:
'install' target in is split in tiny chunks.

I don't know if it still make any sense, this was already done that way
before the SVN -> Git transition from 2005, and I'm maintaining this
for less than a year.

"install : install1 install11 install2 installdirs cruft"

If 'install11' run before 'intall1'; it fails.
Adding a simple sleep 0.1at the top of "intall1" always trigger
an error in "install11".

Adding an extra "mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/cruft/" fix this permanently (?)

> To achieve reproducibility you will also need to normalize the timezone 
> during 
> build (eg set TZ=UTC) or wait til debhelper does this for you.

All the previous run that didn't FTBFS were reproducible;
are there any other changes needed ?


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