two days ago the .ipk packages for the first time were tested (mostly) 
successfully and today https://reproducible.debian.net/openwrt/openwrt.html 
shows that 209 (98.5%) out of 212 built packages were reproducible in our test 
setup. The remaining offender is busybox, which is reproducible in Debian, see 

So far, so very great! :-)

shows the build from two days ago, were ramimps didnt reach 98.5% because 
openssl failed to build, thus causing other packages to fail to build.
Just rescheduling the job "fixed" that, so I assume openssl was once again 
build with -j, which doesn't work reliably (according both to my experience 
and an openssl developer I've spoken to yesterday).

That said, I do recall having seen a commit forcing "-j 1" when building 
openssl for openwrt, so I'm wondering whether that commit was limited to some 
archs only or maybe was removed again?


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