affects 788352 prettytable

Hi Sandro,

On Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2015, Sandro Tosi wrote:
> > though note that glibc maintainers haven't replied in ~2 months, and i 
> NMUs are there

I don't think it's a good idea to suggest NMUing glibc to fix #788352.

> > there is a good reason for them to have Provides: locales.
> > Something tells me that that bug in glibc won't be fixed soonish, and
> > since then it would be particurlaly handy if those 5/6 affected packages
> > would workaround it.
> well, I call it workaround using Build-Conflics to avoid a bug in
> another package.

yes, it is a workaround.
> I appreciate your effort on reproducible builds[...]

this bug has nothing to do with reproducible builds at all. This bug is about 
your package failing to build from source. Reproducibly ;-p

(It's just that this bug was found by us while looking for reproducibilty 
issues. And at the moment our test setup doesn't allow us to look at  
prettytable (easily) in this regard because by default our setup has locales-
all installed (for reasons not related to this bug) which causes prettytable 
failing to build.)

> Unless you can come up with a more compelling reason to have this
> change to prettytable, I will have to decline as wontfix.

I don't understay why you would want to do this, it's not impossible to remove 
workarounds. I wouldn't like my package fail to build like this for months… 


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