clone 792867 -1
clone 792867 -2
retitle -1 bsdmainutils: unreproducible as current year is used while building
retitle -2 bsdmainutils: jewish calendar unsuable, needs a rebuild
usertag -2 + timestamps


I'll leave 792867 alone and just comment on the cloning.

On Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015, Helmut Grohne wrote:
> As an aside note, I question the use of python-hdate to compute the
> Jewish calendar:
>  * Since the build date is used to select the year of the calendar file,
>    the package is not reproducible. (Ccing the reproducible people)

this is clone -1, though please note that this is not yet made visible on, the package appears to be reproducible there.

>  * The last build happened in 2014, so the installed calendar is no
>    longer useful for day to day use (neither in stable nor in unstable).

this is clone -2, the severity maybe should be raised to "important".


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