Hi Paul,

On Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015, Paul Kocialkowski wrote:
> > sorry for the late reply.
> No problem, I haven't kept you or the list posted on this either.
> I got a chance to discuss the issue with Lunar during RMLL 2015 and we
> came up with a nice way of doing things, using SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.

oh, nice!

> > > > you've seen https://reproducible.debian.net/u-boot ?
> As far as I understood, this was only for the U-Boot tools.


> There seem to be two solutions to this:
> * Including a script (e.g. the one from coreboot) to build the toolchain
> as part of the build process
> * Using native builds with visualization on the servers that run the
> builds for the reproducible task force
> I tend to prefer the second one since it only requires a one-time setup
> cost, while the other one, that requires to build toolchains for each
> test build, implies a considerably longer build time for each test.

these hosts also need maintenance so I actually prefer the first.
> The basics for building U-Boot are the following (e.g. for the
> Cubieboard2 target)
> git clone git://git.denx.de/u-boot.git
> cd u-boot
> make -C $SRC O=$DST CROSS_COMPILE=$CROSS_COMPILE Cubieboard2_defconfig

aint there a makefile with a proper target? Also how to build these cross 
> Let me know if you need more indications on this.

yes, please. best a complete runnable script, aka a _working_ 5-10 liner, not 
the fancy one with variations, rebuilds and running debbindiff. Just the above 
"4 lines in working" - (those 4 lines dont work cause the variables are not 


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