Hi Dhole,

thanks for your continious reports and cheers and kudos for all the nice work! 
Besides thinking "yay" this sparked one question:

On Samstag, 25. Juli 2015, Dhole wrote:
> I have also uploaded the package in our APT repository.
> For next week I plan to send the ghostscript patches to debian and probably
> upstream[...]

[general comment, more or less]

I'm aware that some people only want to file bugs with working and verified 
patches and that uploading to our repo is a good way to achieve that, but at 
the same time I'm worried that such work might get lost if no tracking bug is 
filed from the start...

Or do you (all) think it's enough to track such work via patches in a git 
repo? (And then file a bug once the patch is ready - and should the driving 
person of this go MIA we will notice and have the git repo?!?)

Another option would be to file a tracking bug against qa.d.o (usertagged 
reproducible.d.n) for patch development + tracking...?!?

        Holger, who really loves bug #s but maybe a bit too much... ;-) 

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