Source: maxima
Version: 5.36.1-1
Severity: serious
Justification: Policy 4.5
Usertags: timestamps


Your packages contains an embedded code copy of texi2html which is
copyright Lionel Cons and others and is licensed under the GPL and
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This information is
missing from debian/copyright of maxima and is thus a violation of
policy §4.5.

I found this bug while working on the reproducible builds project [1] to
make texi2html produce reproducible output.

From that point of view there are two options:

 1. remove the embedded code copy [2] and build-depend on texi2html
    (this would also make policy §4.13 happy). I would prefer this
    solution and would supply you with a patch if you want.             
    The package would not become immediately reproducible with this
    solution though because it does not use dh in debian/rules but
    instead classic debhelper. Because of that $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH has
    to be exported in debian/rules [3]

 2. keep the embedded code copy and amend your debian/copyright. In this
    case I would open another bug so that your embedded copy of
    texi2html is patched to produce reproducible output.

Kind regards,


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