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This week I have updated the patch for qt4-x11 that honours
SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH when embedding dates with the qthelpgenerator tool to
target the newest version in Debian (the patched files didn't change in
the update though). I have pushed the changes in our git repository, I
have uploaded the updated patched package to our custom APT, and I have
attached the updated patch to the bug entry.(git, APT, bug).

I have also improved the freeipmi patch I sent last week applying all
the suggestions Josch made on the mailing list. I sent the patch to the
already opened bug entry:

I have fixed some individual packages that were affected by different
issues that didn't have notes yet. I have also added them in the notes
with the bugs and related issues.

- xlsx2csv

timezone difference in metadata timestamps in zip files
- adblock-plus

embedded dates (build time) in man pages
- blkreplay
- libitpp

This Friday I flew to Germany to attend the DebConf15 in Heidelberg,
where I'll meet some of the reproducible builds folks :) (I've already
met 3 of them!). I'll attend the conference until it finishes (22nd of

Best regards,

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