> pdflatex creates every time a different pdf (it differs in the
> emeded images).

To clarify, the CreationDate and ModDate headers vary, but that is an
separate issue. For example, in:


.. I am ignoring the top part of the diff.

> less pictures and no tableofcontent and afterwards the pdf was reprocubile.

I can actually reproduce with the following:


NB. no images, no graphicx, etc. This makes the PDF (again, modulo
{Creation,Mod}Date headers) reproducible within the same second, which
suggests a time-based random seed generation. (There is one in
web2c/pdftexdir/pdftex.web which makes me suspicious.)

> One workaround is to use optipng for all input pngs, that made the pdf
> also reproducible.

.. which somewhat contradicts my previous paragraph. We might have three
issues here instead of just two.


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