On 2015-08-24 22:06, Matthias Klose wrote:
> [...] So what about identifying categories which should be fixed in any
> case, and maybe which should have special rules for accelerated NMUs and such?

Personally, I find that proposal quite interesting.

> Categories would include:
>  - running dh-autoreconf during the build to accommodate new archs.
>  - respecting dpkg-buildflags for current "security" settings, and
>    obsoleting the old manually coded -O0/-O2 for debug builds.

Both of these seems very reasonable to me.

In fact, I could be convinced to help provide patches to maintainers
that would be interested in switching to the dh-sequencer at the same time.

>  - respecting DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=<n>. While this doesn't
>    improve package quality, it will help to better use buildd resources.
>    almost every architecture now uses multi cores. It will help Debian
>    to faster process binNMUs / transitions at least for release archs.

Indeed - I have been pondering on making the next compat level in
debhelper default to --parallel.

> [...]
> So what about generalizing these categories into something which doesn't need
> asking again for every single package to be applied?
> Matthias

Conceptually, I am positive about the idea.  The problem will probably
be what "categories" we can agree to.  On the other hand, this can
trivially become an Achilles heel in this proposal - though I sincerely
hope I am wrong here.


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