Holger Levsen:
> Hi,
> (repeating here as it seems to have been lost on irc.)
> After reading the disorderfs manpage I wonder if it's really already suitable 
> to build everything, as the Bugs sections reads:
> ----
> Errors from close are not properly reported.

Probably don't hurt. Most programs ignore them anyway.

> fsync is not implemented.

Beside of timing this should not make a difference as long the maschine
don't crash. (I think that's what libeatmydata is doing via LD_PRELOAD).
And we are building on tmpfs anyway (I don't know if fsync does anything
on tmpfs).

> xattrs are not implemented.

Probably only hurts for packages which need to handle those and have
test cases for it. (e.g. rsync, rdiff-backup, ...)

Can packages contain files with xattrs and if yes does this anybody?

> Locks are not propagated to the underlying filesystem.

This will hurt when a build system relies on them. I have no idea how
many are affected by this.

> I *believe* this will break several builds, won't it?

I think the locks should be fixed; the xattrs on the long run; fsync and
close can probably be broken for ever without (much) damage.

Thats obviously only my personal speculation (the only proper thing is
probably a (partial) archive rebuild to see what happens)


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