> After reading the disorderfs manpage I wonder if it's really already
> suitable to build everything

This is a little awkward for me as I raised these concerns a couple of
times during the BoF but I did not want to temper anyone's enthusiasm in
the room. I therefore did not labour the point, especially as I was
curious to have the tool existing for "private" tests, ie. even if we
did not -- or could not -- introduce it into our regular variations.

As it happens, I'm not especially concerned that it will /break/ builds
per-se, but rather that any FUSE/LD_PRELOAD/$FOO-based "hack" makes it
more difficult to file bugs against maintainers' packages; the results
are either immediately suspect or can be blamed on such hackery.

Putting it another way, I would certainly feel justified in replying to
such a bug report asking the reporter whether it's reproducible outside
of such a tool.


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