Chris Lamb:
> Mattia wrote:
> > > After a hint from doko, I've started work on an official-looking spec
> >
> > Lamby pointed out that this is not something debian-related, so it would
> > be great to have it outsite a debian.{org,net} site.
> > 
> > OTOH also the howto is not strictly debian-related, and both documents
> > are related to reproducibly.
> > 
> > My personal proposal is to merge the two documents and move them to a new
> > more meaningful url (under rb.d.n).
> I believe this would handicap adoption of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in the wider
> software community.

Strongly seconded. The HOWTO is meant to be a general document about all
things related to “reproducible builds”. It's an “how to”: it's intent
is to describe several way to achieve reproducible builds.

It is way different than a specification which mention the one true way
on how things should work on specific behaviors. 

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