Hi Marek,

On 08/27/2015 10:28 AM, Marek Vasut wrote:
> On Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 10:13:49 AM, Andreas Bießmann wrote:
>> The SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH mechanism for reproducible builds requires the GNU
>> variant of date.
> Why does it require the GNU date ?

Cause of the -d switch. It is used in GNU date variants to set the time
to print the string from. On the other hand *BSD variants use it to set
the DST flag.

>> Respect this and search it, error on missing GNU date.
> Wouldn't it make more sense to fix the code to NOT depend on GNU extensions ?

That would be great, but so we need to check for the tool and use the
right switches depending on that.
I think forcing the user to provide the right tool here is Ok.

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