> Anyway, just letting you know. Feel free to forward to the Debhelper
> Maintainers list <debhelper-de...@lists.alioth.debian.org> or the BTS

10:39 < nthykier> lamby: can you please file a bug against debhelper for
that? :)
10:39 < nthykier> I need to have a look at it later
10:55 < nthykier> lamby: The problem with the patch is that generates
the wrong name when people uses dh_gencontrol -- -V<foo>.  Perhaps it
will be solved by passing -UPackage-Type 
                  -UX-Package-Type to dpkg-gencontrol in dh_gencontrol?
11:49 < lamby> nthykier: Sure, will forward.
11:49 < lamby> nthykier: The patch was not a patch. Sorry that wasn't
clear enough.
11:50 < lamby> Passing -UPackage-Type didn't wfm but I was just poking

Filed as: https://bugs.debian.org/797391


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