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retitle -1 diffoscope: provide option to disable fuzzy-matching


Jakub Wilk:
> I want to use diffoscope to compare two "Multi-Arch: same" debs of the same
> version but different architecture, to see differences that will cause
> co-installation conflicts.
> This almost works currently, but there's a bit of noise that could be
> avoided. I'd like an option that does the following:
> - Ignores all differences in control.tar.

I had already in mind to provide pluggable ignore modules. So having
support for this use case is on my personal roadmap.

> - Ignores timestamp differences in data.tar.

I can offer to ignore difference in metadata in the data.tar tarball.
Ignoring all timestamp differences in not doable, they could take any
form in any files.

> - Disables fuzzy matching.

That will be a separate option.

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