Jérémy Bobbio wrote...

> diffoscope is the tool that we have created as part of the “reproducible
> builds” effort to understand differences between two builds. (...)

Eh, no worries :)  I saw your presentation at DebConf, and of course
I'm interested in supporting diffoscope.

> diffoscope uses libmagic (through its Python bindings) to identify the
> format of the files its trying to compare. Some coreboot images are
> misdetected as text files which results in garbled diffoscope output.

At a quick glance (I might be wrong) I failed to find the magic
0x4F524243 in the images attached to the initial report. OTOH, these
images start with a huge amount (7.3 Mbyte) of \xff octets.
file/libmagic don't look that far into files anyway to it might be
impossible to detect coreboot image files properly. Rainer also
provided some information that point into the same direction.

Still, such a sequence must not be detected as text. I'll prepare
a patch for upstream.


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