On 09/10/2015 06:10 PM, Niko Tyni wrote:
> This is a toolchain issue that potentially affects hundreds of packages
> and should IMO be fixed centrally, at least for those packages that use
> these debhelper short form dh rules.
After thinking about it, I agree too; a toolchain fix would be more
appropriate for this podman issue.

What do you think would be a better solution?
- Make debhelper export POD_MAN_DATE
- Patch podman to honour SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH (with this option, podman
would replace embedded timestamp either by the env var POD_MAN_DATE, or
by SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. The later would need formatting the timestamp to

> The reason only a handful show up in the current reproducible.debian.net
> CI setup is that it only triggers when the two builds happen on different
> sides of midnight UTC. Once we start testing builds on different dates,
> I expect the number of those to explode.
The difference that shows up in the affected packages in
reproducible.debian.net show a difference in the day within the
timestamp, because we use two different timezones between builds that
have a 26h difference. That makes the embedded timestamp to have a
different day whenever the package is built. I don't understand why when
we start testing builds on different dates you expect this to explode.
Am I missing anything? Maybe you are referring to timestamps in general,
and not only to this podman embedding timestamps issue? (in which case,
I'd agree that the number of issues like this will explode)


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