What happened in the [1]reproducible builds effort this past week:

Toolchain fixes

     * Ben Hutchings uploaded linux-tools/4.2-1 which makes the
       tarball generated by genorig.py reproducible.

Packages fixed

   The following 22 packages became reproducible due to changes in
   their build dependencies: breathe, cdi-api,
   geronimo-jpa-2.0-spec, geronimo-validation-1.0-spec,
   gradle-propdeps-plugin, jansi, javaparser, libjsr311-api-java,
   mac-widgets, mockito, mojarra, pastescript, plexus-utils2,
   powerline, python-psutil, python-sfml, python-tldap,
   pythondialog, tox, trident, truffle, zookeeper.

   The following packages became reproducible after getting fixed:
     * cloudprint/0.14-1 uploaded by David Steele, [2]original
       patch by Chris Lamb.
     * cpl-plugin-sinfo/2.6.5+dfsg-2 by Ole Streicher.
     * fonts-stix/1.1.1-4 uploaded by Hugo Lefeuvre, [3]original
       patch by Dhole.
     * gstreamermm-1.0/1.4.3+dfsg-5 by Philip Rinn.
     * hspell/1.2-3 uploaded by Tzafrir Cohen, [4]original patch
       by Reiner Herrmann.
     * libmodule-extractuse-perl/0.33-2 by gregor herrmann.
     * mariadb-10.0/10.0.21-1 by Otto Kekäläinen.
     * mkvtoolnix/8.4.0-1 uploaded by Christian Marillat, fixed
     * mlpack/1.0.12-5 by Barak A. Pearlmutter.
     * module-assistant/0.11.8 by Andreas Beckmann.
     * pitivi/0.94-4 uploaded by Sebastian Dröge, [5]reported by
       Scott Kitterman.
     * privoxy/3.0.23-4 by Roland Rosenfeld.
     * qtop/2.3.1-1 uploaded by Hugo Lefeuvre, fixed upstream.
     * seyon/2.20c-32 by Santiago Vila.
     * subvertpy/0.9.3-2 by Jelmer Vernooij.
     * twitter-bootstrap/2.0.2+dfsg-8 by Santiago Vila,
       [6]reported by Chris Lamb.
     * vdr-plugin-remote/0.7.0-1 by Tobias Grimm.

   Some uploads fixed some reproducibility issues but not all of
     * fldigi/3.23.01-1 by Kamal Mostafa.

   Patches submitted which have not made their way to the archive
     * 799871 on console-data by Chris Lamb: grep all keymap files
       as text.
     * 800007 on anarchism by Holger Levsen: use C locale when
       converting HTML to text files.
     * 800107 on dutch by Chris Lamb: grep wordlist files as text.

diffoscope development

   The changes to make [7]diffoscope run under Python 3, along
   with many small fixes, entered the archive with version 35 on
   September 21th.

   Another release was made the very next day fixed two
   encoding-related issues discovered when running diffoscope on
   more Debian packages.

strip-nondeterminism development

   Version 0.12.0 now [8]preserves file permissions on modified
   zip files and dh_strip_nondeterminism has been made
   [9]compatible with older debhelper.

disorderfs development

   Version 0.3.0 implemented a “multi-user” mode that was required
   to build Debian packages using disorderfs. It also added
   command line options to control the ordering of files in
   directory (either shuffled or reversed) and another to do
   arbitrary changes to the reported space used by files on disk.

   A couple days later, version 0.4.0 was released to support
   locks, flush, fsync, fsyncdir, read_buf, and write_buf. Almost
   all known issues have now been fixed.


   disorderfs is now used during the second build. This makes file
   ordering issue very easy to identify as such. (h01ger)

   Work has been done on making the distributed build setup more
   reliable. (h01ger)

Documentation update

   Matt Kraii fixed the example on [10]how to fix issues related
   to dates in Sphinx. Recent Sphinx versions should also be
   compatible with [11]SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.

Package reviews

   53 [12]reviews have been removed, 85 added and 13 updated this

   46 packages failing to build from source has been identified by
   Chris Lamb, Chris West, and Niko Tyni. Chris Lamb was the lucky
   reporter of bug #800000 on vdr-plugin-prefermenu.

   Issues related to disorderfs are being [13]tracked with a new


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