On Dienstag, 29. September 2015, Markus Koschany wrote:
> I would like to take the opportunity to raise the following concern. I
> support the reproducible builds effort but I think the periodic e-mails
> to pkg-java are often not useful enough at the moment. There are far too
> many false-positives. The list should be reserved for discussing bug
> reports and due the flood of reproducible e-mails it happens that one
> can miss a bug report.
> The reports would be most useful if they included only confirmed FTBFS
> in testing. I know detecting FTBFS is only a by-product of the
> reproducible build effort but those bugs are the most interesting ones
> for us.

there are two conflicting demands here: I think the java situation is because 
there are many packages and thus if our system breaks, you get lots of false 
mails, so understandable you dont want to get false ftbfs reports. And then 
there are others, wo want these ftbfs reports, because also often they do 
indicate real problems, and if not, these other people with less packages, can 
easily mentally filter those. and then maybe (?) even you (Markus) and 
Emmanuel are on the same java team and have different preferences.

There are many possible solutions, eg we could stop mailing ftbfs reports. Or 
Markus filters them in his mail client. Or we develop a new subscription 
system, where individual users (=email addresses) can (be) subscribed, instead 
of (*) the subscribing all packages maintainers, as we do now, and which has 
caused nuicances in the past already too…


(*) or in addition

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