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On Mon, Oct 05, 2015 at 09:56:00AM +0200, Christoph Berg wrote:
> Re: Reiner Herrmann 2015-10-03 <560fdee9.2090...@reiner-h.de>
> > +export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH = $(shell date -d "$$(dpkg-parsechangelog 
> > -SDate)" +%s)
> However, shouldn't this be set from the toolchain? Builds are only
> reproducible in practise now using a patched toolchain, and from what
> I got the plan is to make the toolchain set this variable, so I'd
> really expect the current reproducible.debian.net toolchain to expose
> this variable as well, even if it's not clear which bit (dpkg,
> debhelper, makefile include snippet ...) will set it in future.

SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is currently set by debhelper (dh) in our reproducible
repository (and yesterday those changes were also uploaded to unstable).
We have currently no changes to export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for non-dh
packages. So this one-line change would still be needed to get a
reproducible package.

I don't think it was already discussed if SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH should
be exported also by other parts of the toolchain (like dpkg), so
I'm CC'ing the list.


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