On Montag, 12. Oktober 2015, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Indeed. Just replace "disorderfs" by "different filesystem ordering"
> and we still have a likely reason for the differences.
on possible source for this variation is the kernel, Ben said on irc that it's 
possible that tmpfs from 3.16 and 4.1 is causing this.

Atm we are using:

pb-b1: 3.16
pb-b2: 4.1 (this is a bug, it should run 3.16)
pb-b5: 4.1
pb-b6: 4.1

and then the jobs build like this

1st build       2nd build
b1              b5
b1              b6
b2              b5
b2              b6
b5              b1
b5              b2
b6              b1
b6              b2

IOW: 50% of the amd64 builds take place on 4.1 kernels only, while 50% run on 
3.16 and 4.1

I could (try harder to) downgrade b2 to 3.16, which would give us 100% running 
on different kernels...


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