Package: libhtml-formatexternal-perl
Version: 26-1
Severity: normal
Usertags: ftbfs

As a followup to #788639, this package is failing to build on the
reproducible.d.n CI system due to issues with the TERM environment

  t/FormatExternal.t (Wstat: 2560 Tests: 284 Failed: 10)
    Failed tests:  172-173, 175-176, 197-202

There's stderr output like

  # HTML::FormatText::Netrik program_full_version $VAR1 = '/usr/bin/netrik: 
unrecognized option \'--version\'
  # \'unknown\': I need something more specific.
  # ';
  # HTML::FormatText::Netrik program_version $VAR1 = '(not reported)';
  'unknown': I need something more specific.

which gives a hint: the 'I need something more specific' part comes
from ncurses. I can reproduce this locally by setting TERM=unknown.

I'm somewhat inclined to blame the jenkins setup, but given we've already
had trouble with the netrik tests, I suppose inserting a
 local $ENV{TERM} = 'dumb';
in the test suite as discussed in [ #105221] would be good
enough to solve this. It would probably also make it possible to drop
the build dependency on ncurses-term.
Niko Tyni

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