most everything here has been answered so far, so just a small note from me.

On Montag, 19. Oktober 2015, Santiago Vila wrote:
> I don't think that
> faketime is a lot special about this. Most of the time a simple
> "touch" and options like tar's --owner and --group are enough to
> achieve reproducibility. Personally, I have not seen faketime to be
> used a lot, but this is just a personal feeling.

we don't use faketime *at all*, as it has been been proven to be problematic / 
breaking some / many builds.

we plan to run systems in the future in the future (=with a wrong system 
date), but we don't do this yet. (in the past we have run systems in the past 
for 1-2 days and then reverted this, as this caused troubles.)

so: we never build *with* faketime, we just build faketime as we build all the 


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