Hi Santiago,

On Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2015, Santiago Vila wrote:
> However, packages in testing are supposed to be buildable in testing,
> the same way packages in stable are supposed to be buildable in stable.

yes, thats the idea. it's not enforced though, except through manual bug 

> So, unless I'm missing anything, there is no "depwait" in testing,
> this would be a "severity: serious" bug of the type that can make
> the package to be removed from testing.

yes, indeed. these packages are seriously buggy, or will become so. Sometimes 
these are just transient bugs which fix themself once everything migrated or 
has been build.

> I'll leave to others to report bugs about this.

I'll sadly do this most of the time hereā€¦ But I think it's great how we are 
sharing work and load on many shoulders :)


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