On 2015-11-09, Holger Levsen wrote:
> thanks a lot for this new node. I've set it up and included in the machinery
> now

That was fast... yay!

> btw, how will you attach the sdd? 
> http://archlinuxarm.org/platforms/armv7/samsung/odroid-xu4 only speaks about
> sd-cards as far as I could see.

USB3 to SATA adapter, same way the HD is attached now. Could alternately
get a 64GB eMMC for around $80, but not sure how fast they are by


FWIW the current setup build times for...


real    98m55.905s
user    163m25.932s
sys     24m50.184s


real    430m0.811s
user    1197m29.396s
sys     94m45.264s

For at least 60 of those minutes it was building both concurrently, with
DEB_BUILD_OPTS=parallel=5, and didn't seem to fall over.

> please reboot to make sure all modifications are sane.

I did think about trying to make a quick hack to get a newer (and saner)
u-boot version running, but I might wait a bit for that.

> last and least: odxu4 breaks your own naming scheme - not sure what else 
> though ;)

Heh. The naming scheme isn't exactly consistant, true. It should
probably be odxu40 or odxu4-0, but figured I'd keep it shorter. :)

live well,

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