Santiago Vila:
> I have very mixed feelings about this kind of patches.
> I fear that by modifying gcc to hide the improper usage of __DATE__
> and __TIME__, we could be removing an incentive for maintainers and
> authors to write software which is truly reproducible, i.e. we run
> the risk of people thinking in the line of "Oh, I will not care about
> my program using __TIME__ or __DATE__ because gcc will take care of
> that".

Well, I still would like to push to add `-Wdate-time` to our default set
of CFLAGS. Even with Dhole's patch, developpers would see the warning
and ask themselves if it's the right thing to do.

I think for this precise case, that's a good compromise.

Also, I'm pretty sure that if the GCC team merges support for
SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, we could get a similar patch merged to LLVM.

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