Source: eztrace
Version: 1.1-2
Severity: minor
Usertag: ftbfs

Dear maintainer,
in the context of Reproducible Builds, we noticed that eztrace can't
reliably be built because it (can?) generate very huge files that fills
the entire file system (and we have a 200GB file system).

For example:
mattia@profitbricks-build5-amd64 /srv/workspace/pbuilder % sudo lsof 
2>/dev/null | grep deleted | grep eztrace
sh        64627           1111    1w      REG               0,34 205408100352 
litl_prin 64628           1111    1w      REG               0,34 205408100352 
litl_prin 64628           1111    3r      REG               0,34          570 
2360034123 /srv/workspace/pbuilder/3308/tmp/pbuilder1_eztrace_log_rank_1 
mattia@profitbricks-build5-amd64 /srv/workspace/pbuilder % 

That means a ~200GB file got written (actually is still getting
written), then removed but the process keeping it open (for writing) is
still open.

This is the 3rd time I have to kill extrace after having messed up with
our builders (and now I'm going to blacklist it from testing...).

That's not the only file, the other day I noticed that after killing
those 2 processes keeping that file opened 2 other started growing very
fast (like 1GB every 30 seconds), and in very little time they reached
50+ GB.

I noticed this only happens in amd64, not in armhf, I believe this is
some kind of issue with highly parallelized builds, since we build with

Furthermore the tests are not considered in the build process, so they
are actually completely useless, so I even wonder what's the whole point
on running them...
        -dh_auto_test -Bbuild-mpich -- -k

Thanks for maintaining eztrace.

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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