What happened in the [1]reproducible builds effort this past week:

Toolchain fixes

   Emmanuel Bourg uploaded eigenbase-resgen/ which
   uses of the scm-safe comment style by default to make them

   Mattia Rizzolo started a [2]new thread on debian-devel to ask a
   wider audience for issues about the -Wdate-time compile time
   flag. When enabled, GCC and clang print warnings when __DATE__,
   __TIME__, or __TIMESTAMP__ are used. Having the [3]flag set by
   default would prompt maintainers to remove these source of
   unreproducibility from the sources.

Packages fixed

   The following packages have become reproducible due to changes
   in their build dependencies: bmake, cyrus-imapd-2.4,
   drobo-utils, eigenbase-farrago, fhist, fstrcmp, git-dpm,
   intercal, libexplain, libtemplates-parser, mcl, openimageio,
   pcal, powstatd, ruby-aggregate, ruby-archive-tar-minitar,
   ruby-bert, ruby-dbd-odbc, ruby-dbd-pg, ruby-extendmatrix,
   ruby-rack-mobile-detect, ruby-remcached, ruby-stomp,
   ruby-test-declarative, ruby-wirble, vtprint.

   The following packages became reproducible after getting fixed:
     * bino/1.6.1-1 by Daniel Schaal.
     * debconf/1.5.58 by Colin Watson.
     * fte/0.50.2b6-8 uploaded by Axel Beckert, [4]original patch
       by Reiner Herrmann.
     * gnome-desktop3/3.18.2-1 uploaded by Michael Biebl, fix by
       Laurent Bigonville based on Andreas Henriksson's
     * libxmu/2:1.1.2-2 uploaded by Julien Cristau, fix by Andreas
     * megaglest/3.11.1-3 by Markus Koschany.
     * p4vasp/0.3.29+dfsg-2 uploaded by Graham Inggs, [5]original
       patch by Reiner Herrmann.
     * pd-iemmatrix/0.3-1 by IOhannes m zmölnig.
     * performous/1.0+git150721-2 by Markus Koschany.
     * python-sqlalchemy-utils/0.30.12-2 uploaded by Thomas
       Goirand, [6]original patch by Chris Lamb.
     * pywavelets/0.3.0-1 uploaded by Daniele Tricoli, [7]original
       patch by Juan Picca.
     * torus-trooper/0.22.dfsg1-10 uploaded by Markus Koschany,
       [8]original patch by Reiner Herrmann.
     * tycho2/2-3 by Ole Streicher.
     * xenomai/2.6.4+dfsg-0.1 by Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda.
     * xfonts-mona/2.90-8 by Nobuhiro Iwamatsu.

   Some uploads fixed some reproducibility issues, but not all of
     * apache-mime4j/0.7.2-4 by Emmanuel Bourg.
     * ispell-lt/1.2.1-5 by Chris Lamb (#778263.
     * xscavenger/1.4.5-1 uploaded by Hwei Sheng Teoh, [9]original
       patch by Chris Lamb.

   Patches submitted which have not made their way to the archive
     * 804729 on pbuilder by Reiner Herrmann: tell dblatex to
       build in a deterministic path.


   The fifth and sixth armhf build nodes have been set up,
   resulting in five more builder jobs for armhf. More than 10,000
   packages have now been identified as reproducible with the
   [10]“reproducible” toolchain on armhf. (Vagrant Cascadian,

   Helmut Grohne and Mattia Rizzolo now have root access on all 12
   build nodes used by [11]reproducible.debian.net and
   [12]jenkins.debian.net. (h01ger)

   [13]reproducible-builds.org is now linked from all package
   pages and the reproducible.debian.net dashboard. (h01ger)

   profitbricks-build5-amd64 and profitbricks-build6-amd64,
   responsible for running amd64 tests now run 398.26 days in the
   future. This means that one of the two builds that are being
   compared will be run on a different minute, hour, day, month,
   and year. This is not yet the case for armhf. FreeBSD tests are
   also done with 398.26 days difference. (h01ger)

   The design of the [14]Arch Linux test page has been greatly
   improved. (Levente Polyak)

diffoscope development

   Three releases of diffoscope happened this week numbered 39 to
   41. It includes support for EPUB files (Reiner Herrmann) and
   Free Pascal unit files, usually having .ppu as extension (Paul

   The rest of the changes were mostly targetting at making it
   easier to run diffoscope on other systems. The tlsh, rpm, and
   debian modules are now all optional. The test suite will
   properly skip tests that need optional tools or modules when
   they are not available. As a result, diffosope is [15]now
   available on PyPI and thanks to the work of Levente Polyak
   [16]in Arch Linux.

   Getting these versions in Debian was a bit cumbersome. Version
   39 was uploaded with an expired key (according to the keyring
   on ftp.debian.org which will hopefully be updated soon) which
   is currently handled by keeping the files in the queue
   [17]without REJECTing them. This prevented any other Debian
   Developpers to upload the same version. Version 40 was uploaded
   as a source-only upload… but failed to build from source which
   had the [18]undesirable side effect of removing the previous
   version from unstable. The package faild to build from source
   because it was built passing -I to debbuild. This excluded the
   ELF object files and static archives used by the test suite
   from the archive, preventing the test suite to work correctly.
   Hopefully, in [19]a nearby future it will be possible to
   implement a sanity check to prevent such mistakes in the

   It has also been identified that ppudump outputs time in the
   system timezone without considering the TZ environment
   variable. Zachary Vance and Paul Gevers raised the issue on the
   [20]appropriate [21]channels.

strip-nondeterminism development

   Chris Lamb released strip-nondeterminism version 0.014-1 which
   disables stripping Mono binaries as it is [22]too aggressive
   and the source of the problem is being worked on by Mono

Package reviews

   133 [23]reviews have been removed, 115 added and 103 updated
   this week.

   Chris West and Chris Lamb reported 57 new FTBFS bugs.


   The video of h01ger and Chris Lamb's talk at MiniDebConf
   Cambridge is [24]now available.

   h01ger gave a talk at CCC Hamburg on November 13th, which was
   well received and sparked some interest among Gentoo folks.
   Slides and video should be available shortly.

   Frederick Kautz has started to revive Dhiru Kholia's work on
   [25]testing Fedora packages.

   Your editor wish to once again thank #debian-reproducible
   regulars for reviewing these reports weeks after weeks.


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