Package: libc-bin
Version: 2.21-1
Severity: normal

Apparently, when run with "setarch uname26" or "linux64 --uname-2.6",
ldconfig segfaults.

  setarch uname26 ldconfig
  FATAL: kernel too old
  Segmentation fault

libc-bin version 2.19-22 in stretch does not segfault when run this

I haven't tried, but this may also fail similarly when run on an old
kernel as well.

At the very least, maybe it shouldn't segfault with old kernels.

The reproducible builds project use "linux64 --uname-2.6" to set a
different kernel version for the second build to find bugs in packages
that build differently depending on the running kernel version, and it
would be nice if this would continue to work.

live well,

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