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On 2015-12-03, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2015, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
>> I suspect this is also an issue with amd64, though it shows up when
>> trying to install build-deps:
> yeah :/ it's also very visible in the graphs already…
> So I've disabled this now with a84a80c to

Thanks for pushing the workaround!

>> Looks like some change in libc6, will file a bug about it...
> please do! (also feel free to just file it against, usertag 
> so there is at least some trackable bug… - if you are 
> uncomfortable about the right package. qa.d.o is definitly a correct 
> pseudopackage for this bug…)

Filed against libc-bin:

Aurelian Jarno filed a patch upstream to support using the uname26

So it might get fixed in future versions ...although we'd need to run
From within sid (or backport util-linux) to run on jenkins any time

For now, relying on the fact that there are different actual kernels on
various builds (4.x vs. 3.x) will hopefully be good enough to detect the
issue that using "linux64 --uname-2.6" was trying to solve.

Glad to hear athens is going well!

live well,

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