It might not come online for real until Sunday evening (just need to
move it into place with all the others), but figured I'd announce it
Odroid-C1+, quad-core Amlogic (meson8b? cortex-a5), 1GB ram, ~60GB USB3 SATA SSD
ssh port: 2231
ssh fingerprints:
256 9e:09:96:a8:98:b6:a2:3b:36:16:eb:a3:28:5f:df:e9 
/etc/ssh/ (ECDSA)
2048 82:ee:b4:5f:00:36:05:f5:2d:ed:9e:96:2b:d1:52:a2 
/etc/ssh/ (RSA)

This is the first one running an older version of linux, 3.10, and using
the kernel package from odrobian, rather than a kernel from debian, or a
lightly/moderately patched kernel based on debian's kernel packaging.

The u-boot is terribly old...

This one has been a bit finicky to set up, but hopefully it'll add a few
more CPU cycles to the build network...

live well,

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