Daniel Kahn Gillmor:
> Hey all--
> Niels, anthraxx and i were just commiserating about the fact that we're
> punting on reproducibility of the build path.  We think we might have
> found a way to make progress on this.
> Problem Statement
> -----------------
> One of the main concerns about the build path is that it gets included
> by gcc in any generated DWARF [0] debugging symbols, specifically in the
> dwarf attribute named DW_AT_comp_dir.
> What do r-b people think about this?  I'm happy to try to push this
> patch to the gcc upstream if folks here think this sounds reasonable and
> would address a real future r-b issue.
> [...]
> feedback welcome,
>      --dkg
> [0] http://dwarfstd.org/doc/DWARF4.pdf


Given no one has voiced their concerns, I think you should go ahead and
push it upstream. :)


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