Hi Thomas,

Thanks for getting in touch. Replying quickly so we don't use up too much of 
your time:

>   "dpkg-buildpackage: binary-only upload (no source included)"

There is some issue (discussed on IRC earlier) with the second build so, in 
this case, there is nothing to react to - the above message does indeed imply 
that the build succeeded, so the "build2 failed" state is erroneous.

> Then in the second run i see unusual messages
>   I: user script /srv/workspace/pbuilder/59313/tmp/hooks/B01_cleanup starting
>   I: user script /srv/workspace/pbuilder/59313/tmp/hooks/B01_cleanup finished
> and lots of complaints about
>   perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
> This is not by me or by autotools. I don't use any perl
> and quite surely did not install that hook script.

This hook script is (one way) how we introduce variations into the second build 
such as changing the hostname, etc.

Regarding Perl: whilst you do not use it directly, many of the Debian build 
tools do, hence the errors when it is invoked. The locale complaints you refer 
to are a side-effect of the aforementioned build variations.


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