Esa Peuha:
> While we are at it, let's convert HTML character entity references
> (which each use 6-8 characters and as many bytes in the HTML file)
> to actual characters (which UTF-8 encodes as 2-3 bytes). Since all
> diffoscope output files are peppered with abundant amounts of these
> things, this could reduce the file sizes by a few percent at least.
> I used Python string literals instead of the actual characters in
> the Python file, because 1) the non-breaking and zero-width spaces
> would be very hard to distinguish from ordinary space and missing
> string content, respectively, and 2) it is impossible to be sure
> that every piece of software that is ever going to be used to view
> or edit the file would handle non-ASCII characters correctly.

Thanks for the patch. It's been commited and push.

I would be grateful if you could submit ready-to-merge Git changes next
time (see git-format-patch(1)).

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