Hi Aurelien,

On Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2015, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> > nice! but this is not available yet in sid+testing yet, or is it? (or
> > maybe rather: what does "2.6.32 support" mean here???)
> I meant 2.6.32 kernel support, and it's already in testing and sid.

I have to admit, I cannot follow:

- if this is fixed, why is 806911 still open?
- also, the hosts runs jessie and this is where we run linux64 on and from, so 
how are changes in sid+testing relevant in our setup anyway? (actually we run 
jessie, sometimes with jessie kernels and and on some other hosts with bpo 
kernels or even never…)
- why did you 2.6._32_ mention at all, and not "2.6" (or maybe 2.6.56)?
- and, finally, in conclusion, is it safe to enable building with "linux64 --
uname2.6" again?

I'd very much appreciate clearing up these questions, I'm lost.


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