Source: orafce
Version: 3.0.7-4
Severity: serious
Justification: fails to build from source
Usertags: ftbfs

Dear Maintainer,

orafce fails to build from source in unstable/amd64:


  pg_buildext checkcontrol
  --- debian/control    2015-02-22 14:15:23.000000000 +0000
  +++ debian/control.z1rEMa     2016-01-10 20:11:57.937744010 +0000
  @@ -10,10 +10,10 @@
   XS-Testsuite: autopkgtest
  -Package: postgresql-9.4-orafce
  +Package: postgresql-9.5-orafce
   Architecture: any
  -Depends: ${misc:Depends}, ${shlibs:Depends}, postgresql-9.4
  -Description: Oracle support functions for PostgreSQL 9.4
  +Depends: ${misc:Depends}, ${shlibs:Depends}, postgresql-9.5
  +Description: Oracle support functions for PostgreSQL 9.5
    This project implements some functions for compatibility with Oracle.
    The functionality was verified on Oracle 10g, and the module is
    useful for production work.
  Error: debian/control needs updating from debian/ Run 'pg_buildext 
  If you are seeing this message in a buildd log, a sourceful upload is 
  /usr/share/postgresql-common/ recipe for target 
'debian/control' failed
  make: *** [debian/control] Error 1


The full build log is attached.


     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'` /

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