On Sat 2016-01-23 16:52:09 -0500, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
> While working on the “reproducible builds” effort [1], we have noticed
> that libgcrypt20 could not be built reproducibly.
> The attached patch adds support for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to set the value
> of BUILD_TIMESTAMP defined in the configure script. Once applied,
> libgcrypt20 is nearly reproducible in our current experimental
> framework—their might be remaining timestamps in the PDF documentation.

Thanks for fixing this, Lunar.

fwiw, libgcrypt upstream is the same folks as libgpg-error upstream.  In
response to concerns about reproducible builds, libgpg-error 1.20
switched to not embedding the build timestamp at all upstream by

Perhaps they'd be open to the same approach for libgcrypt if it were

> --- a/debian/rules
> +++ b/debian/rules
> @@ -48,4 +48,4 @@ override_dh_gencontrol:
>       dh_gencontrol --remaining-packages
>  %:
> -     dh $@ --parallel --with autotools_dev
> +     dh $@ --parallel --with autoreconf --with autotools_dev

/usr/share/doc/autotools-dev/README.Debian.gz says:

>> Do NOT use dh-autoreconf and dh_autotools-dev_* helpers at the same
>> time, dh-autoreconf takes care of updating config.sub and
>> config.guess by itself.



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