Jérémy Bobbio:
> The attached patch will enable dpkg-buildpackage to create .buildinfo
> files as specified on the Debian wiki [1]. They have two main purposes:
>  * recording information about the system environment used during a
>    particular build—versions of the build dependencies installed, system
>    architecture, etc. for easier forensics/debugging;
>  * describe how to recreate (partially or in full) the original
>    environment when trying to reproduce a particular build.

I think the proposed patch is missing a field to record some environment
variables that can affect the build process. Right now, I'm thinking of
dpkg-buildflags). Maybe others? Build profiles?

Initially I was against recording such information, but now that we
understand the purpose of .buildinfo files better and not mandate that
they be reproducible themselves, it doesn't matter if one contains
`DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=4` and the other
`DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=16`. It is the responsibility of users
trying to recreate a given package to filter this out.

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