Here's another board, in theory with more ram, but in practice...
Cubox-i4x4, imx6 quad-core, 2GB ram, ~60GB SATA SSD
ssh port: 2239
ssh fingerprints:
256 dc:9a:85:0a:d5:85:72:26:9b:5b:b8:89:24:8a:fb:46 
/etc/ssh/ (ECDSA)
2048 c1:dd:a6:c8:bf:26:a5:bc:1b:cc:91:8b:e3:e5:0c:66 
/etc/ssh/ (RSA)

Technically, this has 4GB of ram, but it's not reconizing all 4GB. Will
work on that with the second Cubox-i4x4; figured may as well put the
first to work while I sort out the ram issues.

It's got real sata, and TRIM should work, so yay.

This is the first board in a while that worked with debian-installer
From jessie! So it's also running a 3.16 kernel from jessie.

live well,

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