On Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016, Guillem Jover wrote:
> I asked for more suggestions on #debian-dpkg, and Johannes Schauer
> suggested Transitive-Build-Depends, which is something I had in mind
> too (that or «Recursive-»), but kind of softly discarded in trying to
> have a consistently namespaced «Build-» field name. :) Some of the
> reasons Johannes put forward are that this name is better because it
> clearly describes what's the exact purpose of the field, and gives
> no room for misinterpretation. And if we had to change the algorithm
> we could just use a new name. All of which I concur with.

I don't think "Transitive-Build-Depends" is a good name here, first, because  
I think 97% of the people will have no idea what it means. And second, because 
I think it's wrong, as the field would only list the installed build depends, 
but not all transitive ones. (Or maybe my second point is moot, but then I 
fall under the 97% too, which would strengthen my first point ;)

Build-packages-installed: ?


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