Hi Josch,

On Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> maybe we can merge Lunar's original suggestion Installed-Build-Depends (a
> name which is missing the transitive/recursive-ness) with the new
> suggestion and make it:
> Installed-Transitive-Build-Depends
> This way it would not be confused with the *actual* transitive build
> depends

I'm sorry, but I think the opposite will be the case, this will cause *more* 
confusion: what are "installed transitive build depends" vs "actual transitive 
build depends"? 

I know that *you* have grasped the concept of transitive build depends very 
well, but I'm pretty sure that 97% of the DD population have no idea what 
transitive build depends are, especially compared to build-depends or 
alternative build-depends. And even 70% were too many.
 (AFAIK transitive build-depends are all possible build depends, so if a 
package build depends on python2 || python3 both python versions will be part 
of the transitive build depends. (Is that even correct?)

Also see $(torsocks dict transitive) - what does this word even mean? ;-)


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