On Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
> Some of you have been waiting for it, and it's finally time: we are looking
> for mentors and project ideas for Debian's next participation in outreach
> programmes, from May to August 2016.

many thanks for doing this once again, Nicolas!
> Thanks to our sponsors, we will be participating in the 12th round of
> Outreachy [1], and we have applied as a mentoring organization for the
> 2016 edition of Google Summer of Code [2].
> [1] https://wiki.debian.org/Outreachy/Round12
> [2] https://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2016

I'ved added now a reproducible Builds project to [2], but not to [1], is that 
how it should be?
Also, I've mostly copied last years template so far, so I think we should 
update it a bit.

Lunar, are you ok to be listed as mentor (and not co-mentor)?

deki, Mattia: are you ok to be listed as co-mentors?

"listed and available" :-)

And then I was thinking to add another project, "develop reprotest tool", what 
other ideas do you have?


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