Hi Petter,

On Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Thank you very much!  I'll pass the information to the freedombox
> mailing list.

thanks! you can pass on more now…
> > I've just noticed that "tor", which triggered this, is not part of this
> > package set… :)
> Yeah, it is pulled in by one of the modules on request. :)

I've decided to manually grab this info once and this is the result taken from 

# hardcoded list derived from looking at @package.required
# in $src-plinth/plinth/modules/*py
# see 
for PKG in tor tor-geoipdb torsocks obfs4proxy openvpn easy-rsa monkeysphere 
privoxy ez-ipupdate shaarli ntp deluged deluge-web mumble-server unattended-
upgrades quassel-core avahi-daemon postgresql php5-pgsql owncloud php-dropbox 
jwchat ejabberd network-manager ikiwiki letsencrypt firewalld transmission-
daemon sqlite3 roundcube roundcube-sqlite3 ; do
        echo $PKG >> TMPFILE

Programmatically parsing plinth/modules/*py was out of scope for me but might 
be something useful for upstream, eg for generating installation media with 
all supported packages. If it existed, I'd happily use that.

Until then, it would be nice if you could inform us about added modules.

Updated package sets on tests.reproducible-builds.org will be available in an 
hour or so.


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