Holger Levsen:
> On Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
> > Some of you have been waiting for it, and it's finally time: we are looking
> > for mentors and project ideas for Debian's next participation in outreach
> > programmes, from May to August 2016.
> […]
> Also, I've mostly copied last years template so far, so I think we should 
> update it a bit.

I just did that, tried to capture the different things that people can
do and ideas that were submitted to the list. Its still listed as a
single project because I find it easier that way, but it could as well
be split into 5.

> And then I was thinking to add another project, "develop reprotest
> tool", what other ideas do you have?

My main concern about making reprotest a GSoC project is “who is going
to take care of the code after the summer?”  I've seen way too many
GSoC projects deliver something quite usable which is not followed up
properly and then quickly rot. So the project gets an applicant excited,
I really would want to lay down a proper plan for “after GSoC” as part
of the application process.

All other projects currently on the list are either because they already
have primary maintainers that will be able to review, merge and
follow-up on contributions.

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