Holger Levsen:
> > My main concern about making reprotest a GSoC project is “who is going
> > to take care of the code after the summer?”  I've seen way too many
> > GSoC projects deliver something quite usable which is not followed up
> > properly and then quickly rot. So the project gets an applicant excited,
> > I really would want to lay down a proper plan for “after GSoC” as part
> > of the application process.
> I'm undecided on this. I see with your point, but OTOH I would be happy if 
> $someone pops up, contributes a hunge working code chunk to jenkins.d.n.git 
> and goes away.

I am exactly making this distinction. I assume that if you get a large
chunk of code that you are happy to merge, you will take care of its
future with the rest of jenkins.d.n.

In the case of reprotest, I would be happy to help someone write it. But
I don't want to become its primary maintainer after the summer—there's
already to many things that I feel I should attend to.

So either we need an intern that is excited enough and understand that
they will have to be involved for more than three months, or we find
someone with some experience that is willing to take that role.

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