On Freitag, 19. Februar 2016, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
> In the case of reprotest, I would be happy to help someone write it. But
> I don't want to become its primary maintainer after the summer—there's
> already to many things that I feel I should attend to.

well, then (if someone writes it (with your help) and goes away and you dont 
maintain it) we would *have* that tool(!), which needs a new active 
maintainer. that's a nice problem to have, I think! ;-)

unless obviously you say in that case you're not gonna mentor that person…
> So either we need an intern that is excited enough and understand that
> they will have to be involved for more than three months, or we find
> someone with some experience that is willing to take that role.

I'd suggest we put exactly this in the description: "Lunar is only willing to 
mentor this if you (or someone else) agrees up front to maintain the tool 
after GSoC/Outreachy." - Would that satisfy your concerns?


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