Source: diffoscope

Dear Maintainer,

I am maintaining the diffoscope package in GNU Guix [0].

I recently updated from version 34 to 49, and found that I could not
build diffoscope from source without the python-magic package from PyPi

However, diffoscope's README [2] says that:

``Magic-file-extension`` can be used instead of
``python-magic``. It is built from `file
Available on Debian and Fedora as ``python3-magic``.

I removed the requirement of python-magic from and built
against the Python bindings distributed with `file`, as packaged in Guix
[3]. Diffoscope seems to work just fine this way.

I even confirmed, with strace, that diffoscope was using libmagic from

Will you consider making python-magic an optional dependency of
diffoscope, so that downstream packagers don't have to package
python-magic from PyPi or work around this issue by patching





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