Leo Famulari:
> However, diffoscope's README [2] says that:
> ``Magic-file-extension`` can be used instead of
> ``python-magic``. It is built from `file
> <http://www.darwinsys.com/file/>`_.
> Available on Debian and Fedora as ``python3-magic``.
> I removed the requirement of python-magic from setup.py and built
> against the Python bindings distributed with `file`, as packaged in Guix
> [3]. Diffoscope seems to work just fine this way.

Indeed. That's how it works in Debian.

> Will you consider making python-magic an optional dependency of
> diffoscope, so that downstream packagers don't have to package
> python-magic from PyPi or work around this issue by patching setup.py?

I have no idea how you can specify alternate dependencies in setup.py or
if that's possible. If you find a solution I guess someone could apply a

If that's not possible, I believe that carrying a one-liner in Guix is
not unreasonable.

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